I had a very strange dream that made me move at last!


Hi, This is Funky Ako. How are you doing?


As they say, "Use it or lose it", I'd rather rack my brain than lose it without using it. So, I now declare from now on, I’m going to post my daily blog entry in English, too.


As for the rough Japanese translations, please check this page.




Don't call me an all-time failure!


I know this is NOT my first time. Never. I was doing this a while ago, but not recently. I would keep doing it for a while, and then I would often stop or give up doing it. I was so whimsical. I’ve repeated this even quite a few times. So, I hope this doesn’t make me look like an all-time failure. Indeed, I haven't written in English for a while.  


To tell the truth, not only writing in English, but I haven’t practiced speaking very much for quite some time, either. All I have done these days is what I call “my SECRET practice”, the contents of which I can’t reveal to you, yet, and unfortunately, it doesn’t include any "free" speaking practice. 


But now, having my upcoming Eiken interview test in about 4 months, I finally realized that I should take some practical approach to improve both my writing and speaking – getting ready for that notoriously difficult exam. 


Since I’m not confident in my English writing at all even at this stage, please forgive me if my writing sounds awkward, or even disastrous



Are you ready?  


Okey-dokey, here we go!




Something surprising happened today.


It happened this morning, even BEFORE I woke up.  


First I think I’m going to have to tell you what I was doing this morning. 


I woke up pretty early. Honestly speaking, as a night owl myself, this was VERY unusual. It was the doorbell that someone rang that woke me up. (I later found out that it was my neighbor.)


Whoever it was who rang a doorbell such early in the morning, I knew he/she would want to see my father. So, while I was still in bed hearing the doorbell ringing the 2nd time, I was just wondering if my father was not at home. Not very happy about keeping someone waiting outside on a cold day like this, I grudgingly got out of bed to answer it myself. It soon turned out that my father was at home and already answered the neighbor by the time I reached the intercom.



All my efforts went down the drain...


Never mind..



But it did make me a bit grumpy because I was still very sleepy. In fact, my neighbor’s sudden visit forced me to wake up. I could NOT be happy. I still had two more hours at least before I was supposed to wake up.  But since I was already awake, I decided to stay awake. “Why not?” I thought. I even tried to decide to make this incidence a great opportunity to fix my nocturnal life. “Good timing, isn't it?” I said to myself, a bit ironically.  


Then I had breakfast. Very simple and quick one. 


(Actually, breakfast is my favorite meal during the day. This explains how dull and lethargic I was feeling this morning.)



Even after the breakfast, I was still sleepy. My favorite daily morning green tee didn’t make me happier. I was still feeling a bit grumpy and nasty. I was even feeling irritated. I kind of sensed that something must be wrong. 


Then I realized that my right eye was hurting. It was an unusual pain. I thought about it for a while. Then suddenly, something rang a bell.





It must be IT!



I was stretching myself late last night just before going to bed when it happened. My right eye felt itchy, so I tried to scratch it with my fingers. However, I missed it and hurt my eye instead. I thought that it’d directly damaged my cornea. I should’ve been more careful, but it was too late. 


I tried to forget it as if nothing had happened, but the pain still persisted as if it’d never allow me to forget. It was the reality. It did hurt my cornea. I swore that I would never ever scratch my eyes. 


I thought the pain would go away by the time I’d wake up next morning. But in reality, the pain was still there tormenting me to some extent. Part of the fact that was making me feel grouchy was not only because I was having lack of sleep, but also because the pain of my right eye was still hurting me. It was evident that I couldn’t get off my anxieties. 


Then, what do you think I decided to do? 




Going back to sleep :P


Ve-e-e-e-ry easy and simple, huh?



When I woke up again after a few hours, everything seemed to have been solved. My sleepiness was gone, and the pain of my right eye somehow was gone, too. I exclaimed; 


“How lucky I was!


How miraculous having a good sleep can be!”



Oh, now I remember I still haven’t told you what the surprising thing that had happened this morning, yet.



In a nutshell, I was speaking English in my dream.  


Not just English, but PERFECT English!



I’m afraid that some of you might wonder what could make it so surprising or special.  As I just confessed to you a little earlier, I hadn’t spoken English for quite some time, but I did see a dream in which I was speaking PERFECT English WITHOUT any preparation!


Quite amazing, huh?



In my dream, I was...


in a room with some girls and a man. All the girls and I were students of an English conversation school or something. Obviously, the man looked like a native English teacher. We were all sitting on a big sofa or something with the teacher in the middle. The teacher was asking us, the students, about something in English one by one. I even didn’t remember what the girl next to me was saying when answering his question, but after she finished, it was my turn to answer.



I didn’t remember what the teacher’s question was about, either, but I was answering his question like this;




Well, actually, something that comes into my mind now is how to get used to saying “you know” while speaking in English. It's been difficult for me to throw "you know" in my conversation. But I really want to because saying “you know” from time to time makes your conversation sound more authentic. I guess it just shows how proficient your speaking is. (Grin)



To be honest, even while writing what I said in my dream, I’m already having trouble remembering exactly what those perfect English sentences were like. So, I couldn’t help making part of it up, but believe me, I was really speaking PERFECT English sentences without hesitation.


With 100 % confidence!




On the flip side...


It’s funny that I dwelt in “you know” even in my dream because this is definitely something I’ve been thinking about day and night lately. I don’t know why, but I’ve never said “you know” in my conversation. “You know” never seems to pop up in my speech. I’m sure this is what makes my spoken English somewhat clumsy, square and unnatural, revealing that I’m not used to speaking wholeheartedly.


(I’m not really sure if it’s appropriate to use “wholeheartedly” in this context, but I was too curious to hesitate, so I used it, just like kids always do!)  



Having said that, it’s also funny to know that while there’s someone like me having trouble being not able to say “you know” in her conversation, there’s others having trouble stopping to say “you know” in their speech. I came across a webpage in which people were talking about “how to stop to say "you know"",


you know?




Anyway, this is what happened to me this morning. I’m sure this taught me now is the perfect time to start something to improve my speaking at last. It’s like;








So, that’s the reason why I started my English blog again.



Wwwait a minute... Now I’m beginning to understand what made me speak English in my dream. Maybe my SECRET practice is starting to work…



My new hobby...READING! Woo-hoo!


By the way, this is the book I’ve been enjoying reading for the last few days.



And here are the next ones I’m looking forward to reading.



I'm going to introduced these books after I've finished reading them.